Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Erratum: Spotlight on JF Laroche

Please note that the Jean-Coutu logo has been removed from page 16. of the Spotlight on Jean-Francois Laroche feature as requested by the Mardis Cyclistes organization due to the fact that it was not accurately displayed according to the agreement between the two parties.

Although the authentic Jean-Coutu logo was used, Miroir du Cyclisme had not obtained prior formal authorization from either party and has therefore removed the logo from the publication as requested.

Miroir du Cyclisme apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Pasquale Stalteri


I heard Saputo is gone and I heard of some guys that Pharmacie Jean Coutu was the new sponsor but I think they waiting still to make anouncent

The organization of the Mardis Cyclistes has its lot of detractors. I hope that Jean Coutu finds akward to sponsor an organization that has once said that doping was "normal".

As stated in French by Rossi :
"Moi, je suis d’accord qu’un jour, les produits pour venir en aide aux athlètes soient légalisés, sous prescription des médecins. Que ce soit de la drogue ou des spaghettis, s’il vous plait, mettez-vous quelque chose en tête : c’est un sport, c’est un gagne-pain et ils ont besoin d’outils pour y arriver."

A fabulous event nonetheless but can we really accept comments of the sort. This event should be boycotted by potential sponsors aplenty.

What happened to Suppoto is this why they pulled out?

Interesting, So now the Mardis Cyclists is sponsored by a drug store. How fitting!

If PJC was actually going to sponsor the Tuesday night races then why the erratum message? This is obviously wishful thinking and bad journalism on the part of miroir du cyclisme. I still see Saputo on the official mardii cyclistes site!

I'm sorry but this was not bad journalism but rather bad timing and politics. All I can say at this time is that we regret posting the Jean-Coutu logo without any "formal" or "official" approval although the Jean-Coutu logo has already been revealed on various promotional items sent out to members of the media by the Mardis Cyclistes organization.

Pasquale Stalteri

Strange world..

After Quebec demolished the reputation of two doped riders, an event organizer gets money from a drugstore! Yet all seem proud about it!

Alors Tino a trouvé la drogue avec la bonne pharmacie... Il ne lui manque qu'à trouver les Spaguettis!

On donne aux Mardis un status d'événement parfait! Il n'en est rien. Ce bonhomme a déclaré haut et fort soutenir le dopage. Désolant

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