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Les Mardis Cyclistes: June 14, 2011 Martin Gilbert wins stage 2


Stage 2 results: Top 5 :

1. Martin Gilbert (SpiderTech p/b C10)
2. Simon Pierre-Gauthier (Espoirs Quilicot p/b Specialized)
3. Jean-François Laroche (Fantino Mondello Regis)
4. David Veilleux (Europcar)
5. Eric Lyman (Team Spirit GTH Cannondale)
Leaders after 2 stages:
1. Martin Gilbert (SpiderTech p/b C10) 
2. Jean-Francois Laroche (Fantino Mondello Cycles Regis)
3. Remi-Pelletier Roy (Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton)
4. Simon- Pierre Gauthier (Espoirs Quilicot p/b Specialized)
5. Pierrick Naud  (Rocky Mountain-Desjardins Valeurs Mobile)
Complete results and stage 2 points summary

Stage 2:

  • The UCI rule that was quoted for keeping the Spidertech team from entering more than 3 riders seems to be under review and may not even apply to racing in North America. Stay tuned for further developments but don't be surprised to see more Spidertech riders allowed entry in future stages.
  • Following last weeks crash there was some speculation in the media as to Laroche`s well being. I got word from Jean-Francois during the week that he was feeling great and ready to go and he was certainly in good form this evening finishing third by winning the bunch sprint just behind the break.
  • A dozen or so riders including Guillaume Boivin went down on the far side of the course just past the midway point of the race. No one was seriously injured and Erik Lyman who was in that group actually went on to finish 5th.
  • The main break consisting of LacombeGilbert and Gauthier built up a 20 second lead on the pack.
  • The field consisted of 95 riders including David Veilleux who is now riding for Eurocar
  • The police estimate a crowd of approximately 1000 strong on a mild clear evening in Lachine, Quebec.

Release by Mardis Cyclistes

June 14, 2011 (Montreal, QC) - Martin Gilbert (Spidertech) won this evening’s Mardis Cyclistes bicycle race, beating out 94 other cyclists. Gilbert, who finished second at last week’s Mardis Cyclistes, will thus be wearing the yellow jersey (to signify that he is the series leader) at stage 3 on June 21. Martin—an Olympic cyclist--clocked at 1:2:38 on the 50km race, averaging 47.8 km/h.

The surprise of the evening was Simon-Pierre Gauthier (Espoirs Quilicot), an 18-year-old who finished second, mere inches behind Gilbert. Some 20 long seconds elapsed before the pack crossed the finish line with Jean-François Laroche (Fantino Mondello – Cycles Régis) snagging third. Canadian criterium champ, David Veilleux (Europcar), finished close behind in fourth.

Gilbert and his team mate, Keven Lacombe, launched their attack on the 17th of 31 laps. Gauthier seized the moment to move forward with the two seasoned sprinters. Toward the last lap, the three had built up a 32 second lead over the rest of the pack.
“Keven and I looked at each other and decided to go for it. Once we moved, we pushed hard to try and build up the biggest possible gap. And hey, it worked! Simon-Pierre worked well, taking his time at the lead. He had a lot of energy when we took off,” said Gilbert who is very happy with his first win of the Mardis calendar.

The rest of the pack was never able to bridge the gap to the breakaway group despite the presence of Laroche—the defending series champion--and Veilleux who races in Europe with the French-based Europcar team.

“I knew that Lacombe and Gilbert were hatching something up after the intermediate sprint and I made sure that I was ready. Time trials are my specialty so a fast, steady pace like we had this evening was good for me. I had difficulty keeping up with two guys that good. I felt like a junior who jumped up into the national league,” explained Gauthier. The young rider turns 19 in February, 2012.

Keven Lacombe pedalled hard for the last three laps, ensuring that the breakaway group would go all the way. He did not finish in the top five, however. “It would have been good to put two of our guys on the podium, but what we were aiming for was to win this stage,” explained Gilbert.


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