Friday, September 2, 2011

Québec Criterium Championships: Solution to low rider turnout

En francais: Le championnat québécois du critérium ...

Main breakaway (Senior 1-2) from a field of only 27 riders 

When weekday criterium races such as “Les Mardis Cyclists” attract a larger and more prestigious field of riders than the Quebec criterium championship, perhaps the main issue concerning the recent Quebec championships is not the reported controversy but rather the dwindling rider participation.

Low attendance is a very serious issue which threatens not only the championship’s credibility but also jeopardizes its future, and while I can only speculate on the cause, the solution may be much more obvious.

But before I continue, I would like to point out that I am completely independent and have absolutely no affiliation, financial or otherwise, to the official "Mardis Cyclistes" organization nor do I write or shoot on their behalf.

Food for thought:

“Les Mardis Cyclistes” is a very popular criterium series in Quebec, drawing many of the very best crit racers from all over the province so why not employ the very same organizers and race course for the Quebec Criterium Championships?

Quebec criterium specialists know the “Mardis Cyclistes” circuit and arrive in record numbers to measure themselves against the very best crit racers in the province (and beyond) on select Tuesday nights for 10 races every season so the stage is already set.

Other advantages to holding the race in Lachine include the fact that riders (all categories) would have access to several weeks of “Mardis Cyclistes” races prior to the championship in order to help fine tune performance and team strategy on the very same circuit and under race conditions.

“Les Mardis Cyclistes” organizers have perfected the art of running a successful criterium series after 34 successive years in the business and I feel would be best suited for the job of heightening the prestige and restoring dignity to this Quebec Championship event.

Pasquale Stalteri


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