Friday, September 2, 2011

Gilbert / Laroche Rivalry

Over the last decade with the exception of Sebastien Moquin who is presently retired from competition, the Mardis Cyclistes series has been owned by either Martin Gilbert or Jean-Francois Laroche so as we reach the halfway point of the season it's not surprising to see these two athletes occupy the top two places of the overall standings.

While some might argue that Laroche has an unfair advantage due to Gilbert being unavailable for certain stages of the Lachine classic, it can also be argued that Gilbert has been accompanied by a stronger supporting cast.

Any way you choose to look at it, this friendly yet extremely competitive rivalry does not disappoint and with both athletes putting on quite the spectacle whether the other is present or not, the next six stages of the Mardis Cyclistes series promise more of the same.

After placing fourth in stage four, defending Mardis Cyclistes champion, Jean-Francois Laroche will be wearing yellow again tomorrow evening.

Mardis Cyclistes Champions (2001-2010)

2001: Martin Gilbert
2002: Martin Gilbert
2003: Sebastien Moquin
2004: Martin Gilbert
2005: Sebastien Moquin
2006: Sebastien Moquin
2007: Jean-Francois Laroche
2008: Jean-Francois Laroche
2009: Martin Gilbert
2010: Jean-Francois Laroche


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