Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quebec Champion tests positive

Miguel Agreda followed by Brett Tivers © Pasquale Stalteri Photography / All Rights Reserved

In yet another story broken yesterday by Veloptimum, another well-known Quebec cyclist and member of the Garneau - Club Chaussures team admits to doping after being served notice by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in sports.

The doping scandal in Quebec continues as Miguel Agreda Rojas who also claims to have acted alone confesses to doping within days of team-mate Arnaud Papillon's admission and receives  a 2 year suspension with possibly further retribution yet to come.

Miguel Agreda Rojas, originally from Peru, exploded onto the Quebec cycling scene in 2011 as a member of the powerhouse Garneau-Club Chaussures team and was instrumental in many of the team's victories and top finishes. A well respected cyclist in the peleton, Miguel Agreda was a prominent Quebec cyclist in  2011 and is Quebec's current criterium champion and member of the Quebec champion team time trial squad.

Pasquale Stalteri

Agreda releaed the following statement: 

It is with great regret that I informed in the late afternoon my cycling club president and my employer that I had been suspended by the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports) for using prohibited substances as a competitive cyclist.

I realize now the immense impact of the actions that I undertook, the grief, disappointment and disgrace incurred for the benefit of my personal sporting performance by the people around me who supported me.

I acted alone and without telling anyone, betraying thereby the ethical rules governing my sport.

I realize now that because of this move, I lose both my reputation as an athlete and the confidence of my teammates. I can hardly find words to explain my behavior and, as I can not fix the past, it only remains for me to apologize publicly, from the depths of my heart, to the employer that allowed me to practice my profession in this sport which is my passion.

It is with humility and resignation that I accept the sanction of the CCES, the suspension from cycling for two years and the period of suspension imposed by my employer for this serious breach of ethics. I intend to use this time to walk as a man and athlete, with the support given to me by my employer, despite the harm that I have caused.

How can I tell all who share this passion for cycling that the way forward to achieve the highest steps of the podium is not the one I used?

This confession is perhaps the beginning.

I will not comment further.

Miguel Agreda

More will be posted as the story progresses ….

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