Sunday, June 24, 2012

National Men's Road Race Results

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Ryan Roth wins the Canadian Road Championship
Antoine Duchesne takes the U23 title
(Full Results below)

More photos available below and  @ Pedal Magazine and Facebook

Meier leading Barry mid race © Pasquale Stalteri Photography / Miroir du Cyclisme
Ryan Roth (SpiderTech pb C10) in the breakaway led my Michael Barry (Team Sky pro cycling)
photo during the late stages of the race © Pasquale Stalteri / Miroir du Cyclisme


1. Ryan Roth (SpiderTech powered by C10) 4:35:21
2. Michael Barry (Team sky pro cycling) 0:01
3. Marsh Cooper (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:01
4. Antoine * Duchesne (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose) 0:06
5. Rob Britton (Team H&R BLOCK)
6. Sebastian Salas (Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies)
7. Martin Gilbert (SpiderTech powered by C10)
8. Nic Hamilton (Indépendant)
9. David * Boily (Team Spidertech C10)
10. Derrick St John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 0:14
11. Ryan Anderson (SpiderTech powered by C10) 0:19
12. William Routley (SpiderTech powered by C10)
13. Francois Parisien (SpiderTech powered by C10) 0:34
14. Hugo * Houle (SpiderTech powered by C10) 2:13
15. Ryan * Aitcheson (Ontario/ Panther pb Competitve Cyclist)
16. Rémi * Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
17. Bruno Langlois (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
18. Christian Meier (Orica-GreenEDGE)
19. Zach * Hughes (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
20. Garrett Mcleod (Team H&R BLOCK)
21. Michael Woods (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery)
22. Timothy Abercrombie (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
23. Guillaume Boivin (SpiderTech powered by C10)
24. Svein Tuft (Orica-GreenEDGE)
25. Zach Bell (SpiderTech powered by C10)
26. James Sparling (Raleigh-GAC)
27. Adam * De Vos (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes) 4:13
28. Pierrick * Naud ( -Gaspésien)
29. Luc Dionne (Suarez-ACQ)
30. Jordan * Brochu ( -Gaspésien)
31. David Veilleux (Team Europcar) 4:17
32. Bruce Bird (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments) 5:41
33. Mike Sidic (Team H&R BLOCK) 7:03
34. Trevor Connor (Team Rio Grande/BCSM) 13:20
35. Geoffroy Dussault (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
36. Jacob * Schwingboth (Cycling BC)
37. Aaron Fillion (Ride With Rendall)
38. David Stephens (Garneau Evolution)
39. Nathan Underwood (Ride with Rendall)  HD
40. Simon-Pierre * Gauthier (Equipe du Quebec)  HD
41. Bailey * Mcknight (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)  HD
42. Samuel Blanchette (Deda/HYPE)  HD
43. Aaron Schooler (Team H&R BLOCK)  HD
44. Matteo * Dal-Cin (Team Ontario/ Ride with Rendall)  HD
45. Stuart * Wight (Atlantic Cycling Centre)  HD
46. Ed Veal (RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta)  HD
47. Kevin * Massicotte (Team ontario / nativo concept)  HD
48. Sébastien Rousseau (Deda/HYPE)  HD
49. Brandon * Spencer (Team Ontario/Kallisto/Wheels Of Oakville)  HD
50. Matthew * Degiacomo (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)  HD
51. Kyle * Buckosky (Cycling Bc)  HD
52. Nicolas Ammerlaan (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)  HD
53. Raphaël * Massé Viau (Equipe Du Québec)  HD
54. Braydon * Bourne (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery)  HD
55. Robert * Gutgesell (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes)  HD
56. Patrick Paquette (Indépendant)  HD
57. Cody * Campbell (Cycling Bc)  HD
58. Joël * Desgreniers (Équipe Du Québec)  HD
59. Philippe * Deschamps (Cc Lac St-Louis)  HD
60. Mathieu Boudier-Revéret (Suarez-Acq)  HD
61. Etienne Samson (Deda/Hype)  HD
62. Jeffery Muise (Coastal Financial Credit Union)  HD
63. Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall)  HD
64. Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery)  HD
65. Justin * Purificati (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)  HD
DNF Jevon Almond (Aerobic Power Haus)
DNF Chris Freeland (Cycle Solutions / Angry Johnny’S)
DNF Brian Robinson (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF Jesse Reams (Cycling Bc)
DNF Samuel Gosselin-Simard (Deda/Hype)
DNF Louis-Charles Lacroix (Deda/Hype)
DNF Maxime Le Pluart (Deda/Hype)
DNF Charles Bryer (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF François Chabot (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Antoine Matteau (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Mathieu Roy (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Dominique Rollin (Fdj-Big Mat)
DNF Jean-François Racine (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
DNF Charly Vives (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
DNF Evan Mundy (Jet Fuel Coffee/ La Bicicletta)
DNF Anton Varabei (Jetfuel Coffee/ La Bicicletta)
DNF Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden (La Cordée)
DNF Sebastian Jozwiak (Lifesport)
DNF William Blackburn (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)
DNF Scott Loong (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)
DNF Sébastien Lacroix (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)
DNF Osmond Bakker (Octto-Cervelo)
DNF Jeffery Schiller (Ontario/Garneau -Quebecor)
DNF Michael Mandel (Realdealracing/Labicicletta)
DNF Jean-Michel Lachance (Rossetti Devo)
DNF Olivier Lavigueur (Suarez-Acq)
DNF Mathieu Fradet (Suarez-Acq)
DNF Marco Li (Team Ontario/Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose)
DNF Keven Lacombe (Spidertech Powered By C10)
DNF Jean-Philippe QC Thibault-Roberge ()
DNF Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck P/B Mosaic Homes)
DNF Ben Chaddock (Team Exergy)
DNF Jamie Riggs (Team Ontario)
DNF Alexander * Cataford (Cycling Bc)
DNF Dylan * Cunningham (Cycling Bc)
DNF Jean Samuel * Deshaies (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Yannick * Bédard (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Jordane * Gauthier Beaulieu (Equipe Du Québec)
DNF James * Piccoli (Equipe Du Québec)
DNF Émile * Jean (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNF Robert * Ralph (Medique P/B Silbet Investments)
DNF James * Bent (Peterborough Cycling Club)
DNF Julien * Langlois (Quilicot-Elite)
DNF David * Onsow (Quilicot-Elite)
DNF Logan * Cornel (Real Deal Racing / La Bicicletta)
DNF Olivier * Delaney (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Kiernan * Orange (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Conor * O’Brien (Stevens Racing P/B The Cyclery)
DNF Chris * Gray (Team Chch)
DNF David * Zorko (Team Chch)
DNF Jordan * Cheyne (Team H&R Block)
DNF Tofer * Dahl (Team H&R Block)
DNF Laurent * Dallaire (Team H&R Block)
DNF Chris * Balestrini (Team Ontario / Garneau)
DNF Simon * Lambert Lemay (Team Spidertech C10)
DNF Brad * Clifford (Trek Red Truck P/B Mosaic Homes)
DNF Luke * Koolman (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNS Marc Freemantle (Espoir-Asia)
DNS Marc Olivier Corsi (Suarez-Acq)
DNS Guillaume Pinglot (Suarez-Acq)
DNS Dominic Chalifoux (Trek -Bontrager)
DNS Alexandre * Mathieu (Ekoi.Com -Gaspésien)
DNS Charles * Matte (Equipe Du Québec)
DNS Colter * Young (Trek Red Truck P/B Mosaic Homes)



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