Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies to Announce New Women’s Team

Lex Albrecht    Photo © Pasquale Stalteri Photography / All Rights Reserved

January 24, 2012 – U.S.-based Team Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies is launching a new pro women’s road team this season in conjunction with its top level men’s squad. The roster of strong women riders includes five Canadians – Lex Albrecht, Leah Kirchman, Joelle Numainville, Denise Ramsden, and Annie Ewart.

The team’s General Manager is a Canuck as well, Jacob Erker, of Symmetrics fame. The official women’s team presentation will be held in MinneapolisMN, on January 28, with both the men’s and women’s squad’s presented on January 30.

The new title sponsorship from Optum has allowed Kelly Benefit Strategies to become the presenting sponsor and the creation of a top level women’s team, with the aim of increasing both sponsors presence in cycling, but also to reach more Americans who love the sport and want to live more actively and educate themselves about healthy lifestyles. The new crew is one of the top three professional women’s teams in North America.

Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies Women’s Team Roster:

Lex Albrecht (CAN)
Leah Kirchman (CAN)
- Kristen Sanders
- Janel Holcomb
- Jade Wilcoxson
- Emma Grant
Denise Ramsden (CAN)
- Courteney Lowe
- Carmen Small
Annie Ewart (CAN)
- Anna Barensfeld

Team Website: HERE

"This will be one of the top three professional women's teams in North America. I am very proud to be part of a team of this calibre, and I think that it's great news for women's cycling that a new team has been brought onto the scene in North America.  

I'm looking forward to contributing to the team's success, learning from the more experienced riders, and continuing to develop personally as a cyclist.  I can't wait to wear the team's colours and represent the excellent group of sponsors that are behind our team.

I had a great season in 2011 and hope to continue on the same track. I have a feeling that 2012 with Team Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies is going to be a lot of fun, and bring a plethora of extraordinary experiences."

Lex Albrecht

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