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SpiderTech 2012; mystery riders?

2011 Quebec City UCI WorldTour © Pasquale Stalteri Photpgraphy / All Rights Reserved
SpiderTech 2012;
Who are the 5 mystery riders? by John Symon

A photo posted at the Cycle  Sports Management web site:

shows the 17-man SpiderTech team for 2012, but the team has only announced 12 of its riders to date. Can you identify the 5 others?

  • 1.       Zach Bell * (photo)
  • 2.       David Boily *
  • 3.       Guillaume Boivin *
  • 4.       Caleb Fairly (from Texas and previously of HTC Highroad and Garmin-Transitions)
  • 5.       Hugo Houle *
  • 6.       Martin Gilbert *
  • 7.      Raymond Kunzli (from Switzerland / first pro contract)
  • 8.       Keven Lacombe *
  • 9.       Simon Lambert-Lemay *
  • 10.   François Parisien *
  • 11.   Will Routley *
  • 12.   Bjorn Selander (from Wisconsin and previously of RadioShack / 2011)

* = rode for team in 2011 & returning to SpiderTech

Veloptimum notes that former SpiderTech riders Bruno Langlois and Charly Vivès will both be with Garneau Club Chaussures in 2012. And as widely reported, Svein Tuft will be riding for Australian-based GreenEDGE this year.


Jonathan Pat McCarty
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Roth
Flavio de Luna
Lucas Euser

Thanks, Vincent, for quickly identifying the other members of the SpiderTech team.

There seems to be some ambiguity throughout the cycling world concerning this issue and we simply got caught up in the confusion due to partial press releases etc …

For instance, there are incomplete team rosters posted on different cycling websites. Cyclingnews lists only 16 riders (i.e.

The December 2 press release by Spidertech does not list the complete roster prompting Veloptimum on that date to say that a only a partial roster had been revealed

Veloptimum also included a special note about returning members missing from the press release (Martin Gilbert, Keven Lacombe, Simon Lambert-Lemay, and François Parisien.)

We got caught up in this ambiguity, just like others did.

For clarity, here is the complete 17-man roster in point form:

1. Ryan Anderson*
2. Zach Bell*
3. David Boily *
4. Guillaume Boivin *
5. Caleb Fairly (a Texan who rode previously for HTC Highroad and for Garmin-Transitions)
6. Flavio de Luna*
7. Lucas Euser *
8. Hugo Houle *
9. Martin Gilbert *
10. Raymond Kunzli
11. Keven Lacombe *
12. Simon Lambert-Lemay *
13. Jonathan Pat McCarty *
14. François Parisien *
15. Ryan Roth *
16. Will Routley *
17. Bjorn Selander (from Wisconsin and rode for RadioShack in 2011)

* = rode for team in 2011 & returning to SpiderTech

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