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Le Tour de la Montérégie

Press Release

Le Tour de la Montérégie ridding for action!

April 10th, 2012 - Saint-Constant, Quebec

The Tour de la Montérégie organization is proud to officially launch its activities started in collaboration with some cycling events’ organizers in Montérégie. The intention is to join forces to promote cycling in the Montérégie region, this large administrative region of the
Quebec province on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River and second in term of population. The vision is to build an ambitious and inspiring project to keep everybody constantly committed to the success of this unique cycling project.

Already reaching record highs, the project groups eight Monteregian organizations of cycling events, a total of over 350 volunteers who will be involved in 16 municipalities where the infrastructures mobilized represent an approximative amount of $180,000. At the competitive level, a championship will be hotly contested by athletes from Quebec, Ontario, New England and around the world. To these competitive events, a recreative counterpart is added to allow two-wheel enthusiasts to practice cycling in a structured environment in addition to introduce new followers in a family spirit. Theses two parts represent a total of more than 4,000 participants for the cycling events presented as part of the TdlM.

Time For Action !

The championship 2012

‘’Le Tour de la Montérégie’’ (TdlM) is a cycling championship in the form of an individual and team omnium with an interprovincial sanction starting April 21st and that will crowned its first king at the finale, July 22nd 2012. The championship is grouping road races, criteriums, time trials and also track events adapted to road racing. The championship is addressed to cycling athletes of the following categories: Senior Men & Women, Junior Men & Women, Masters A-B-C and Masters Women. The championship stages are the following:

Stage 1 : April 21st 2012, Grand Prix de la Mairie de Contrecoeur, road race

Stage 2 : April 29th 2012, Grand Prix IGA Sainte-Martine, road race

Stage 3 : May 5th 2012, Grand Prix de Granby, individual time trial

Stage 4 : May 6th 2012, Grand Prix Brossard, criterium

Stage 5 : May 20th 2012, Critérium Primeau vélo-La Prairie, criterium

Stage 6-7-8-9 : July 19 - 22nd 2012, Les 4 Jours Urbains CC Publicité.

The athlete and team who will win the championship will be versatile and constant due to the stages variety that take place over three months. Spring classic-style stages will launch the championship hostilities on April 21st. If, after a historic Paris-Roubaix won by the Belgian Tom Boonen, the traditional start of the season in northern France and Belgium have made your shudder, the spring winds of Montérégie and our athletes will blow those emotions ! The conclusion will present a four-day event with an all-new formula, the ‘’4 jours urbains’’, as the usual heat wave hits us in July.

Recreative stages:

In cooperation with the ExploTour club, who’s already counting 22 years of experience, you will have the opportunity to participate in cycling trips across Montérégie. The club aims to promote cycling as a hobby for all ages and as part of a family activity. The rides proposed as part of the Tour de la Montérégie will address both the Coyotes (25km/h and more) and family.

Rides will take place on the following dates:

Saturday, May 5th in Ormstown, Shimano testing day

Monday, June 25th in St-Valentin, Strabary Field

Saturday, July 14th in Sainte-Martine, Hot dog day

Sunday, August 26th in Mercier, “Fromange Ruban Bleu”

The TdlM organization gave itself the goal of democratizing competition, and this collaboration with Explo Tour is a natural step to promote the practice of this sport in happiness and security for one goal: recreational cycling.

In addition, the TdlM organization also supports the initiative ‘’Ride with Class’’ to encourage the practice of this sport in a responsible and safe way. Promote good practices on the bike and so lead by example in terms of safety and conduct on the two-wheel machine. 

‘’The project was launched last October in association with CC Publicité to 
present the 4 Jours Urbains from July 19 to 22nd 2012. This event looks at innovation by adapting track events to road racing in order to promote cycling, consolidate the political will and the business community of Montérégie to demonstrate to decision makers that investing with the FQSC in an indoor velodrome project is a viable reality,’’ said Marc-Wayne Addison,TdlM president.

At the suggestion of Josée Robitaille, FQSC’s Technical Director - Road & Track, to see if some of the organizers wanted to join it all, we contacted other Monteregian’s organizations to work all together to establish the TdlM.

“It’s great the hours invested by volunteers from various organizations involved in this project. It’s impressive to have received positive responses as quickly by people passionate about cycling and this collaborative project. This involvement of organizations, volunteerism, is honorable on their part and seeks a return and a benefit to young cyclists who will benefit from the fruit of a great work from these volunteer teams too often in the shadows” says Addison.

The TdlM organization has a vision to establish an inspiring starting line, competitive with a steady and planned rhythm to achieve success at the finish line for partners, athletes and the community. On this innovative note, we hope to see you to experience the excitement of this first stage of the first championship in Contrecoeur on April 21st!


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