Friday, September 2, 2011

Champion Mardis Cyclistes 2008 : Jean-Francois Laroche

  • Stage 1 opens with a star studded cast featuring several International racers as well as some of Canada's best and Zachary Bell takes top honours.
  • Dominique Rollin makes a guest appearance in Stage 2 and wins.
  • Jean-Francois Laroche wins both stage 3 and 8 and accumulates enough points through sprints and top 10 finishes to repeat as series champion.
  • Guillaume Boivin does not win a single stage but manages to place top 5 in every stage except stages 8.9 and 10 where he places in the top 10 and accumulates enough points to finish second.
  • Kleber Ramos Da Silva manages only one stage victory in 2008 and finishes third.
  • Arnaud Papillon finishes fourth.
  • Hugo Houle finishes fifth.
  • Martin Gilbert misses the final two stages and finishes sixth.
  • Francois Parisien finishes seventh.
  • Eric Boily finishes eighth.
  • Hugues Lapoint wins the final stage and finishes ninth.
  • David Veilleux finishes tenth.
  • Maxime Vives wins stage 9 and finishes eleventh.
  • Jean-Sabastien Perron wins both stages 4 and 6 and finishes thirteenth


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